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February 2010

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The End Is Nigh!

We have recently come through a period of waiting. Of getting through it, sticking it out and holding on to the bitter end. I think it’s mostly over now, thank goodness.


For a start, it’s payday. And we got paid, which is a good start. So off I trot to Modelo to buy… well, more veggies for more soup, mostly. Just because we got paid doesn’t make us rich, I’m afraid and there are five more days to March than February! But we got through February; we saw it out to the bitter end, etc. And now we know that we can manage with paying rent too, something I’m sure our Landlords will be ecstatic to know!


Also, the bunk beds came! On Sunday, but I’ve been busy, as anyone who follows my exploits on Facebook, Twitter or even my website knows. The kids just love it. Claudia has proven scarily good at climbing the vertical ladder and we can’t get her off of the top bunk, officially Jay’s. We have kept the cardboard packaging and tomorrow we have a castle-making project scheduled. Cardboard, brown tape and paint, and hey presto, Jay will sleep in a castle! I did get woken up today by Jay climbing on the bed though. He wriggles up to me and says “Mummy, you put the bed in a silly place. I got dripped on last night!” Drat, we’re going to have to try to redirect that leak. If only it would stop raining long enough to get on the roof and fix it!!


Last week saw David’s mother staying with us. We were a bit apprehensive as to the mechanics of that situation as it is a one bed flat with a family of four in. We got through it though and with no real problems too. Although when we got to the airport on Monday and found that her flight home had been cancelled, I did have to sit down for a minute, as the next available flight was rumoured at Friday! Of course she was welcome to stay with us as long as she wants, but I think all of us including her were looking forward to not worrying who was going to walk in on us whilst on the loo! It all turned out okay though; they offered her a flight to Gatwick on Wednesday and put her up in a hotel in Faro, everything on the company, in the meantime. She called that evening to tell us that she had a room with a balcony looking over the marina, three courses at every meal and she was going with the other stranded-ees on a day trip to Tavira the next day. Well, thought us, she’s better off than we are! And it even stopped raining for most of Tuesday!


We now have a dongle, so we can coax our free internet from the café next door into the house. No more hanging out of the window under a towel when it rains! We have (well, almost) sorted out networking to computers and devices. We are now a high tech house of wonders. I’ve even managed to get the computer desk off the sink! How I stuck that out for as long as I did I don’t know!


So now the only thing left to stick out is this flipping rain! What is going on here? I’m going to be getting seasonal depression disorder soon! At least I can console myself knowing that it’s not snowing…




keep your journal coming Katie. It cheers me up and makes me feel part of your lovely family. =]